[openstack-dev] [Cinder] [stable] [all] Changing stable policy for drivers

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Aug 10 01:39:55 UTC 2016

On 2016-08-09 15:56:57 -0700 (-0700), Mike Perez wrote:
> As others have said and as being a Cinder stable core myself, the status-quo
> and this proposal itself are terrible practices because there is no testing
> behind it, thereby it not being up to the community QA standards set.

In fairness to Sean, this thread stared because he was asking in
#openstack-infra for help creating some long-lived driver fix
branches because he felt it was against stable branch policy to
backport bugfixes for drivers. Since this was an unprecedented
request, I recommended he first raise the topic on this list to find
out if this is a common problem across other projects and whether
stable branch policy should be revised to permit driver fixes.

There was a brief discussion of what to do if the Cinder team wanted
driver fixes to EOL stable series, and I still firmly believe effort
there is better expended attempting to help extend stable branch
support since "convenience to package maintainers" (what he said
this plan was trying to solve) is the primary reason we provide
those branches to begin with.

So I guess what I'm asking: If stable branches exist as a place for
package maintainers to collaborate on a common set of backported
fixes, and are not actually usable to that end, why do we continue
to provide them? Should we just stop testing stable branches
altogether since their primary value would (as is suggested) be
served even without our testing efforts? Ceasing any attempts to
test backports post-release would certainly free up a lot of our
current upstream effort and resources we could redirect into other
priorities. Or is it just stable branch changes for drivers we
shouldn't bother testing?
Jeremy Stanley

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