[openstack-dev] [neutron][networking-ovs-dpdk] conntrack security group driver with ovs-dpdk

Mooney, Sean K sean.k.mooney at intel.com
Sat Aug 6 18:16:03 UTC 2016

Hi just a quick fyi,
About 2 weeks ago I did some light testing with the conntrack security group driver and the newly
Merged upserspace conntrack support in ovs.

I can confirm that at least form my initial smoke tests where I
Uses netcat ping and ssh to try and establish connections between two vms the
Conntrack security group driver appears to function correctly with the userspace connection tracker.

We have not looked at any of the performance yet but assuming it is at an acceptable level I am planning to
Deprecate the learn action based driver in networking-ovs-dpdk and remove it once  we have cut the stable newton

We hope to do some rfc 2544 throughput testing to evaluate the performance sometime mid-September.
Assuming all goes well I plan on enabling the conntrack based security group driver by default when the
Networking-ovs-dpdk devstack plugin is loaded. We will also evaluate enabling the security group tests
In our third party ci to ensure it continues to function correctly  with ovs-dpdk.


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