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stuart.mclaren at hp.com stuart.mclaren at hp.com
Fri Aug 5 13:52:44 UTC 2016

I think this makes sense.

"Should Artifacts be part of Glance?" is something folks have been
debating for several years now, with seemingly equal numbers on
each side.

Even though it was far from unanimous, several summits ago it was decided
to aim for a a v3 Glance API which would support all artifact types,
including images. That turned out to be too ambitious for a project that
really was starting at times to operate close to maintenance mode. (
eg I haven't contributed at all this cycle). The realisation that
V3 wasn't going to happen in our lifetime, difficulties mapping between
V3 and V2 (and V1!) calls, and (IIRC) DefCore feedback, meant V3 was
abandoned: we'd have two separate APIs. That's actually a decision that
was taken a while ago, and isn't new.

As a previously stressed out operator (is there any other kind?) I
understand that anything that means you have more work to do is painful,
and should be considered a negative. But it shouldn't be the only
consideration. For me, moving a distinct API to its own project makes
the most longterm sense.

Thanks to Mike, Alex, Kairat et al for their (hopefully continuing)
Glance contributions and patience.


> Hi all,
> after 6 months of Glare v1 API development we have decided to continue our
> work in a separate project in the "openstack" namespace with its own core
> team (me, Kairat Kushaev, Darja Shkhray and the original creator -
> Alexander Tivelkov). We want to thank Glance community for their support
> during the incubation period, valuable advice and suggestions - this time
> was really productive for us. I believe that this step will allow the Glare
> project to concentrate on feature development and move forward faster.
> Having the independent service also removes inconsistencies in
> understanding what Glance project is: it seems that a single project cannot
> own two different APIs with partially overlapping functionality. So with
> the separation of Glare into a new project, Glance may continue its work on
> the OpenStack Images API, while Glare will become the reference
> implementation of the new OpenStack Artifacts API.
> Nevertheless, Glare team would like to continue to collaborate with the
> Glance team in a new - cross-project - format. We still have lots in
> common, both in code and usage scenarios, so we are looking forward for
> fruitful work with the rest of the Glance team. Those of you guys who are
> interested in Glare and the future of Artifacts API are also welcome to
> join the Glare team: we have a lot of really exciting tasks and will always
> welcome new members.
> Meanwhile, despite the fact that my focus will be on the new project, I
> will continue to be part of the Glance team and for sure I'm going to
> contribute in Glance, because I am interested in this project and want to
> help it be successful.
> We'll have the formal patches pushed to project-config earlier next week,
> appropriate repositories, wiki and launchpad space will be created soon as
> well.  Our regular weekly IRC meeting remains intact: it is 17:30 UTC
> Mondays in #openstack-meeting-alt, it will just become a Glare project
> meeting instead of a Glare sub-team meeting. Please feel free to join!
> Best regards,
> Mikhail Fedosin
> P.S. For those of you who may be curious on the project name. We'll still
> be called "Glare", but since we are on our own now this acronym becomes
> recursive: GLARE now stands for "GLare Artifact REpository" :)
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