[openstack-dev] Project mascots update

Heidi Joy Tretheway heidijoy at openstack.org
Thu Aug 4 16:13:53 UTC 2016

Steve Dake asked: “Heidi, I received a related question from a Kolla core reviewer. Do the project teams have input into the mascot design? If this has already been discussed on the list, I may have missed it.”

HJ: While we haven’t discussed this on the ML, we referenced a bit in the web page. Our intent is to create a family of logos that have a distinctive design style that is unique to OpenStack community projects. That illustration style is something my colleague Todd Morey (OSF creative director) has been working on with several professional illustrators, choosing the best of the bunch, and developing a handful of logos that will serve as guideposts for the rest of design. 

We don’t have illustration resources sufficient to seek team input on individual designs—that’s why we emphasized team input on the mascot concept. (As I told Steve Hardy, I’m happy to talk to anyone who has special requests on how their mascot is portrayed.) Also, while nearly everyone has an opinion about design, those opinions will be varied (and often contradictory). I hope you’ll be willing to trust the excellent design leadership that produced our Summit designs, craveable shirts and stickers, and OpenStack's evolving visual identity. That said, I’ll be thrilled to hear from anyone with opinions on design to find out more about your perspective. I love talking about this stuff. 

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