[openstack-dev] [meghdwar] meghdwar API and infra and repo integration issues and BOF help sought

prakash RAMCHANDRAN pramchan at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 20:06:57 UTC 2016

Summary of Call and follow ups on Aug 3 for next Aug 10 irc call #openstack-meghdwar 
Conclusions on today's call:
1. Need to get Cloudlet python client working on CLI on Ubuntu 16.04
?Cloudlet failure on Ubuntu 16.04 to be reviewed after testing xenial VM on Openstack install
This using ssh keypair from testing linux terminal to openstcack host with
nova  keypair-add --pub-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub defaultorneed a key upload via horizon dashboard and then create image and instance to log into 16.04 xenial for testing fabTest earlier "fab install" showed "useradd stack kvm" was failing and could be python3 issue or some library is missing refer
link http://forum.openedgecomputing.org/t/fab-module-support-for-ubuntu-16-04/92
If you find solution or answers post it to the above link or reply back and will post it.
2. Update README.rst file explaining the "Edge Cloud Gateway Services" and update using cookiecutter template from openstack to get master repo over infra linkOriginal mater: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/319466/New Ptach: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/350714/ 
Merge or rebase them as suggested by infra teamshould  merge the to original master 319466 after or before fixing errors
 3. Error in new patch 
ERROR:   py34-constraints: InterpreterNotFound: python3.4ERROR:   py27-constraints: commands failedERROR:   pypy-constraints: InterpreterNotFound: pypy  pep8-constraints: commands succeededBut see python3 -VPython 3.5.1+
so its installed on submitting host?Do we need to apply tox constraints as inhttps://pypi.python.org/pypi/tox-travis

and add to tox.ini the py27/34 constraints to help pass tox tests?
Any idea on this please respond?
4. doc & specs for Megdwar DevelopmentC-Create, R-Read, U-Update, D-Delete, X-Execute
Considering adding Specs for Edge Cloud Gateway services
CRUDX [Edge Cloud Gateway] = All-in-one devstack controller
CRUDX [Edge Server] = Compute nodesCLI = Cloudlet lib (fab) install as on KVM on Ubuntu 16.04 (see item 1) (Should this be Python-Cloudlet-clinet a seperate project?)
CRUDX [Cloudlet] = OEC Cloudlet 
Register/Deregister [ ECloud-CCloud] where ECloud is on Edge Cloud Gateway and C-Cloud on NSP (ASP registers to CSP registers to NSP)CRUDX Catalog [ECloud / CCLoud]For Catalog should we use Magnum or its Horizon application-catalog-ui with Image, Orchestration for both components and Applications (Cloudlet) or build our own?For Managing Cloudlet Should we ask Senlin to be modified for Cloudlet distribution as a new requirement for which Meghdwar will provide two node cluster with binding requirements one Application per VM on a compute node or build our own simple Catalog Binder to serve application from edge provisioning mobility with Handoff. 

This specs for API will be debated and  pushed under doc specs.
5. Any volunteers to support BOF at Barcelona for Meghdwar please help by setting appropriate etherpad entry and let everyone know. We do intend a BOF session, how do we register for it?

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