[openstack-dev] 答复: [neutron][dvr][fip] fg device allocated private ip address

zhuna juno.zhu at huawei.com
Wed Aug 3 07:22:15 UTC 2016

Hi Carl,

IMO, if the upstream router has the route to floating ip subnet, no need to assign additional IP address to the router.

For example, there are 2 subnets in external network,
Subnet1: (fg ip address)
Subnet2: (fip)

Suppose assign fip for vm1, and the fg ip address is, so there are 2 ip address configured in fg, one is and
|  router ns       |
            | fg (,
            | router-if (
|  upstream router   |---------------------------- Internet

The default route of router ns is,  add a static route to upstream router , or learn the route by routing protocol (neutron-dynamic-routing).

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On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 6:15 AM, huangdenghui <hdh_1983 at 163.com<mailto:hdh_1983 at 163.com>> wrote:
hi john and brain
   thanks for your information, if we get patch[1],patch[2] merged,then fg can allocate private ip address. after that, we need consider floating ip dataplane, in current dvr implementation, fg is used to reachment testing for floating ip, now,with subnet types bp,fg has different subnet than floating ip address, from fg'subnet gateway point view, to reach floating ip, it need a routes entry, destination is some floating ip address, fg'ip address is the nexthop, and this routes entry need be populated at the event of floating ip creating, deleting when floating ip is dissociated. any comments?

The fg device will still do proxy arp for the floating ip to other devices on the external network. This will be part of our testing. The upstream router should still have an on-link route on the network to the floating ip subnet. IOW, you shouldn't replace the floating ip subnet with the private fg subnet on the upstream router. You should add the new subnet to the already existing ones and the router should have an additional IP address on the new subnet to be used as the gateway address for north-bound traffic.

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