[openstack-dev] [meghdwar] use case for meghdwar API irc call agenda

prakash RAMCHANDRAN pramchan at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 05:39:34 UTC 2016

Hi all,
Please join the meeting  for API and codes decision 
Meeting Wednesday 3rd August      (14 Hr-15 Hr UTC )   [7AM-8AM PDT]

irc #openstck-megdwar
Follow up on same points with updates aslast meeting.Since we had a irc issues last week we plan to conduct this meeting instead of skipping and discuss following agenda based on review and updates later in the week,
Summary of last irc meeting July 27th and updates for Aug 3rd meeting:
1 The last meeting  agenda and actions taken or pending 
We looked  Cloudlet failure on Ubuntu 16.04 and filed a request with Cloudlet upstream developers for Ubuntu 16.04 library support for Fabric (FUSE) suport in OEC (http://forum.openedgecomputing.org/t/fab-module-support-for-ubuntu-16-04/92)
The summary of previous week on Senlin was it has nodes to add to cluster and scale but not distribute. But if we can setup an yaml profile and policies we can distribute cloudlet nodes with a special meghdwar driver and may review it at Ocata summit, once we plan that through etherpad entries and engage with Senlin team(TBD)
2 Megdwar Gateway API discussions based on use case
Focus is what APIs needed for minimum use case of two cloudlets on two edges running 1 app each and how to move one of the apps from source edge gateway to destination edge gateway on compute nodes through those gateways.
Reviewed other Catalog modules (application-catalog-ui, murano, murano-agent to be tested) on Rcakspace3. What other modules are needed in OpenStack 'meghdwar' a. Cloudlet (existing) -  b Cloudlet Client (existing)To discuss Binder option for two cloudlets instead of clusters.   c. Cloudlet Gateway Management  (Cluster Management) 
   d. python  Cloudlet  Cluster Management  To review murano-agent and API differences
   e. Cloudlet Agent To review application-catalog-gui with images, orchestraton and Murano with Application adn Components
   f. Cloudlet horizon plug-in for supporting d & e as GUI instead as CLI
4. How do we go about priority 
Consider two cloudlet Binders instead of Clusters
5. Any other missing items. 
The Directory structure to start from templates in OpenStack or codes upstream?
6. Plan for Barcelona Summit (TBD)
If any of our developers  have any comments to discuss on topics here or more feel free to add to the end, and will update the Wiki as we continue of our efforts to freez APIs and Architecture to suport Edge Services.

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