[openstack-dev] [juju charms] How to configure glance charm for specific cnider backend?

Andrey Pavlov andrey.mp at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 14:55:49 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I need to add glance support via storing images in cinder instead of
local files.
(This works only from Mitaka version due to glance-store package)

First step I've made here -
This patchset adds ability to relate glance-charm to cinder-charm
(it's similar to ceph/swift relations)
And also it configures glance's rootwrap - original glance package
doesn't have such code
  I think that this is a bug in glance-common package - cinder and
nova can do it themselves.
  And if someone point me to bugtracker - I will file the bug there.

But main question is about additional configurations' steps -
Some cinder backends need to store additional files in
/etc/glance/rootwrap.d/ folder.
I have two options to implement this -
1) relate my charm to glance:juju-info (it will be run on the same
machine as glance)
and do all work in this hook in my charm.
2) add one more relation to glance - like
'storage-backend:cinder-backend' in cinder.
And write code in a same way - with ability to pass config options.

I prefer option 2. It's more logical and more general. It will allow
to configure any cinder's backend.

But I prefer to know community opinion before I start to implement this.

Kind regards,
Andrey Pavlov.

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