[openstack-dev] [openstack-manuals] What the status of DocImpact

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Sun Apr 24 12:54:11 UTC 2016

Excerpts from ZhiQiang Fan's message of 2016-04-24 08:00:10 +0800:
> Hi Doc Team,
> I want to know the recent status of DocImpact tag, is it deprecated for
> config option changes now? If it's true, then what the workflow for config
> reference now, any hint or link?
> Previously, when a patch has impact to document, including config option
> changes, I usually ask contributors to add a DocImpact, hence there will be
> a bug track the document issue.
> Recently, a patch lands in Ceilometer which adds two new options, and
> Ceilometer receives the auto created document bug. However, when I submit a
> patch to openstack-manuals to fix it, I was told by a core that such change
> is not needed any more, I searched latest merged patch in openstack-manuals
> and found what he said is true, but still don't know why and what action I
> should follow in Ceilometer/Aodh projects
> Thank you very much!
> ZhiQiang Fan

I recommend at a minimum including a release note using reno in the
patch changing any configuration options (adding, deprecating, changing
defaults, etc.).


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