[openstack-dev] Summit Core Party after Austin

Morgan Fainberg morgan.fainberg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:15:07 UTC 2016

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 9:07 AM, Michael Krotscheck <krotscheck at gmail.com>

> Hey everyone-
> So, HPE is seeking sponsors to continue the core party. The reasons are
> varied - internal sponsors have moved to other projects, the Big Tent has
> drastically increased the # of cores, and the upcoming summit format change
> creates quite a bit of uncertainty on everything surrounding the summit.
> Furthermore, the existence of the Core party has been... contentious. Some
> believe it's exclusionary, others think it's inappropriate, yet others
> think it's a good way to thank those of use who agree to be constantly
> pestered for code reviews.
> I'm writing this message for two reasons - mostly, to kick off a
> discussion on whether the party is worthwhile. Secondly, to signal to other
> organizations that this promotional opportunity is available.
> Personally, I appreciate being thanked for my work. I do not necessarily
> need to be thanked in this fashion, however as the past venues have been
> far more subdued than the Tuesday night events (think cocktail party), it's
> a welcome mid-week respite for this overwhelmed little introvert. I don't
> want to see it go, but I will understand if it does.
> Some numbers, for those who like them (Thanks to Mark Atwood for providing
> them):
> Total repos: 1010
> Total approvers: 1085
> Repos for official teams: 566
> OpenStack repo approvers: 717
> Repos under release management: 90
> Managed release repo approvers: 281
> Michael

Personally, I am in the camp that the core party is something that should
not be continued because of it's somewhat exclusionary aspects. I don't
have an alternative in mind to fill the space of the party. I often find
that given an open/free night something a bit more subdued (even than the
core party) can occur, it just tends to be in a number of smaller groups.
Having a further respite from the speed/intensity of the summit (an open
night with even less plans!), would be welcome to many of us.

Also consider the split summit proposal and if the core party really has a
place in the new proposed summit/project gathering world.

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