[openstack-dev] [release][requirements][packaging][summit] input needed on summit discussion about global requirements

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Apr 20 21:05:31 UTC 2016

tl;dr: You're right, but the point I was making was that all distros are

Longer version:

On 04/19/2016 06:24 PM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
>> You can also add "Ubuntu" in the list here, as absolutely all OpenStack
>> dependencies are maintained mostly by me, within Debian, and then later
> "absolutely all" of OpenStack's dependencies are not maintained by you
> in Debian. A significant number are maintained by the DPMT (Debian
> Python Modules Team). The large majority are maintained by you, but not
> "absolutely all".

That's absolutely right. Though, you're probably missing my point here.

I'll explain the situation in more details, to give justice to everyone.

Ubuntu OpenStack packaging is largely done in Debian. These days, Corey
Briant and David Dellav (who are both Canonical employees) are pushing
directly to the Git on alioth.debian.org. Unfortunately, they don't have
upload rights to Debian, so I have to review and upload their work.
Later on, the packages are synched from Debian to Ubuntu (if they didn't
push it directly to avoid waiting, as I sometime can't be as reactive as
I would like).

What I called "absolutely all OpenStack dependencies" was referring to
all the Python modules that OpenStack produces (Oslo, python-*client,
and all the other libs). So in that way, my sentence was correct.
However, there's a few general purpose libraries maintained within the
DPMT (Debian Python Module Team). Though there's also 100+ general
purpose python modules maintained within the PKG OpenStack team on
Alioth as well. It's hard to draw a clear line anyway.

And to forget nobody, I'd like to salute Ondřej Nový work, who
completely took over all things for Swift, and slowly shifted to do more
and more packaging work. I also just gave all ACLs to my colleague Ivan,
and we decided he would take care of all things for Horizon, which is *a
lot* of work.

So anyway, let's go back to my point of argumentation and stop
digressing! :)

The point that I was making is that I know that there's not more
staffing in Ubuntu either (since we package together everything which is
not server packages), and we're probably at approximately the same
number of people in Debian/Ubuntu as for RDO: around 2 and a half person
full time, with a bit of contributions here and there.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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