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Tue Apr 19 18:50:56 UTC 2016

Yes, that is an alternative. The complication is how to secure the communication between Magnum bays and the standalone docker registry. I assume we needs some custom logic to setup the communication channel (i.e. install the TLS credential). One way to support it is to add a configuration hook [1] that allows operators to customize the setup. Pre-built docker images into the glance image is another approach. I think Magnum can offer both.

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/allow-user-softwareconfig

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why not just allow a prefix to be added to the container name?

you can then have a container named:

and the prefix could be set to mylocalserver.org:8080:

Then if the site needs local only containers, they can set up a local repo. Be it a stand alone docker registry, the docker datacenter product, artifactory with the docker plugin, etc.

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Hi all,

We want to eliminate pulling docker images over the Internet on bay provisioning. There are two problems of this approach:
1. Pulling docker images over the Internet is slow and fragile.
2. Some clouds don't have external Internet access.

It is suggested to build all the required images into the cloud images to resolved the issue.

Here is a solution:
We export the docker images as tar files, and put the tar files into a dir in the image when we build the image. And we add scripts to load the tar files in cloud-init, so that we don't need to download the docker images.

Any advice for this solution or any better solution?

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