[openstack-dev] [devstack] openstack client slowness / client-as-a-service

Perry, Sean sean.perry at hpe.com
Tue Apr 19 18:28:11 UTC 2016

A pluginless CLI that simply used REST calls rather than the
python-clientlibs should be able to launch in get to the business of
doing work in 0.2 seconds - counting time to load and parse clouds.yaml.
That time could be reduced - the time spent in occ parsing vendor json
files is not strictly necessary and certainly could go faster. It's not
as fast as 0.004 seconds, but with very little effort it's 6x faster.

Rather than ditching python for something like go, I'd rather put
together a CLI with no plugins and that only depended on keystoneauth
and os-client-config as libraries. No?

Largely I agree. See the numbers I posted a few moments ago. Most of the 1 second initialization is time spent loading plugins and the machinery of the CLI. After that we have issues with how the communication is handled.

If we can avoid re-implementing the wheel for each service client that would be nice.
An interesting experiment I think would be to have the CLI cache the entry points it finds so it only needs to loook for them once.

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