[openstack-dev] [packaging-deb] [infra] publishing built packages for others to depend on

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Apr 19 09:30:35 UTC 2016

With the latest patch to deb-openstack-pkg-tools, we had the first
Debian package built on OpenStack infra:



(see the build log which deb-openstack-pkg-tools is gating on)

It's now time to go ahead with the next step, which is publishing the
built package into a repository, so that other packages can use it.

Here's the steps I would like to implement now:
1/ Publish openstack-pkg-tools on an infra Debian repository.
2/ Create a new project-config job to build packages (other than
deb-openstack-pkg-tools itself), which will install openstack-pkg-tools
as a package, then reuse pkgos-infra-install-sbuild and
3/ Populate github.com/openstack/deb-* with more package, and make them
build and publish.

So, step 1 needs to be implemented. This hasn't been discussed with the
infra team so I have enough directions on how to implement it. However,
I have a few ideas, which I would like to discuss.

To publish packages, we have 2 choices:

1/ Somehow, copy the built packages to a repository, and then update
Packages{.gz,.xz}, Release, InRelease / Release.gpg using something like


I have extensive experience running this kind of script.

2/ Use an archive management tool which will publish the package for us.
We can use something like mini-dinstall, debarchiver, debpool,
you-name-it, for example. I don't have any experience running this type
of FTP repository though, and I'll have to investigate which one to use.

Using reprepro is unfortunately not possible, because it will refuse to
update a package with the same (or lower) version. It however should be
possible to work around this issue by deleting the package from the
repository first.

Which direction does the infra team believe I should take?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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