[openstack-dev] [nova] Question on removal of 'arbitrary' pluggable interfaces

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Mon Apr 18 18:08:58 UTC 2016

Hi nova folks,

I was reading over the following:


And I am wondering if there is a list of all the plugin points and there 
schedule for being deprecated and then removed (or am I misreading that 

I would assume this includes things like:

- baremetal_scheduler_default_filters
- cells/driver
- cells/scheduler
- cells/scheduler_filter_classes
- compute_manager
- compute_stats_class
- conductor/manager
- console_driver
- console_manager
- consoleauth_manager
- db_driver
- firewall_driver
- floating_ip_dns_manager
- instance_dns_manager
- keymgr/api_class
- l3_lib
- linuxnet_interface_driver
- metadata_manager
- network_api_class
- network_driver
- network_manager
- osapi_compute_extension
- quota_driver
- scheduler_available_filters
- scheduler_default_filters
- scheduler_driver
- scheduler_host_manager
- scheduler_weight_classes
- servicegroup_driver
- vendordata_driver
- volume_api_class
- xenserver/vif_driver

(and or any I missed the end with '_driver' or 'manager').

Also is there any docs on the reasons for removal (I think I get why, 
just wanted to be able to reference something for others); because I can 
imagine such a thing/wiki/docs/reason will be needed or people will 
start flipping a lot of tables.

Any thoughts on the above (or a table showing timelines and reasons) 
would be great,

Much appreciated!


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