[openstack-dev] [kolla][infra] Gate bused until Sunday April 17th

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Sun Apr 17 03:38:28 UTC 2016

Core Reviewers and developers,

Hey folks.  A shade + nodepool change has broken our gating functionality on the OVH cloud provider and probably some others.  The net result is we can't actually gate our changes.

I'd recommend for the moment to provide +1 reviews and revisit the review queue Sunday or Monday after the fix has been deployed.  OpenStack infra is aware of the problem and taking care of it.  Please do not workflow any patches until the infrastructure we depend on is fixed.   You will know this has happened because a recheck will return a functional gate.  I will also send a followup announcement that the gate is operational again.  The one liner problem has already been identified and a fix is in the works.

If your still interested in working on Kolla during this outage of the gate feel free to fix Kolla defects and get them in the queue.  Another helpful thing is testing Kolla stable/mitaka.

The estimated fix date is Sunday, April 17th.

Our release deadline for 2.0.0 is April 21st.

Logs of discussion on irc here:

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