[openstack-dev] [Nova] RPC Communication Errors Might Lead to a Bad State

Shoham Peller shoham.peller at stratoscale.com
Sat Apr 16 11:47:19 UTC 2016

An RPC-message TTL mechanism sounds like a good solution.

I've opened a launchpad bug, so we can move the discussion there, and see
if we can think of more ideas to solve this:

Also, please see this previous bug on the same issue:

There, the bug was on a migration request. There, the solution was to catch
the RPC-Timeout exception, since the migrate RPC request is issued using a
"call", and not a "cast", hence waiting for nova-conductor to acknowledge
the message before considering it delivered.
We should either consider moving all RPC operations to 'call', or, if we
want to return from the REST request as fast as possible, let's move the
migrate RPC request to 'cast' as well.

I've added all this information to the launchpad bug.

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