[openstack-dev] [Congress]Authorization mechanisms for each user

Masahito MUROI muroi.masahito at lab.ntt.co.jp
Fri Apr 15 07:57:08 UTC 2016

Hi Yuki,

This sounds interesting. AFAIK, there is no similar use-case you mentioned.

On 2016/04/15 10:13, Yuki Nisiwaki wrote:
> Hi openstacker working on congress.
> I want to implement the authorization mechanisms for each user, not role
> base.
> For example, User A can change security group, But User B can’t change
> security group like IAM feature of AWS.
> In order to achieve it,
> I’m considering whether can I utilize Congress feature.
> I am thinking somehow that I can achieve it by following step.
> 1. create policy for each user with datalog in congress
> 2. prepare the wsgi filter for each project that works confirming
> authorization of each user to Congress.
Could you clarify your usecase? I think it can be done by roles and 
modifying policy.json. If you assume A and B are under some conditions, 
what kind of condition do you want to use?

btw, I added [Congress] prefix in the subject.

> I think this use-case is very popular and there is someone who think
> same thing.
> But There is no information about it in any website (blog, presentation
> in summit).
> So why is there anyone who achieve it?
> or does this approach have anxious point?
> If you are interested in this approach or think same thing, I want to
> know it.
> Best regards
> Yuki Nishiwaki
> NTT Communitions
> Technology development
> Cloud Core Technology Unit
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best regards,

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