[openstack-dev] [release][sahara] sahara-tests 0.1.0 release (newton)

davanum at gmail.com davanum at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 13:42:25 UTC 2016

We are gleeful to announce the release of:

sahara-tests 0.1.0: Sahara tests

This is the first release of sahara-tests. This release is part of the
newton release series.

For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Sahara API tests have been imported from Tempest and made
  available using the Tempest Plugin Interface.

Other Notes

* OpenStack reno integration was added for managing release notes

Changes in sahara-tests 15bccab79070dba41efd5df33cf504418a1a3731..0.1.0

baf526e Convert the imported API tests to Tempest Plugin interface
af89d1b first release note added
d3f3337 Add missed file with mapr-5.1.0 to mitaka
6cb7766 Add reno to sahara-test
61bf654 Updated from global requirements
83be5c3 Move default templates to framework repo
d6aa428 Move image_username to cluster section
973c94d Add MapR 510 test
5aeacc2 Add check of scaling for Ambari
0e381e2 Refactoring of runner.py
c2929d0 Fix py34 tests
97cdcc2 Fix for default templates(fake, transient)
1e610c9 Fix pylint
f024153 Enable all pep8 checks
a29e922 Adding ability run test several times
fd2583d Add mitaka folder with yaml files
fd8a89f Use tempest.lib code in tempest
497d70a Remove MapR 4.0.1 tempest test
3f159e7 [sahara] adding new plugin versions to sahara tempest tests
4788870 Fix H404/405 violations for api tests(1/3)
a17e0ab Full response for DataProcessingClient methods
007c69a Use the prefix-embedded rand_name method
d2991ae Initial class creds creation in test base class
fb04e36 Remove redundant calls to clear_isolated_creds
3da9f95 Decouple Sahara templates test from vanilla plugin
348a13c Remove migrated utils code
79c1e2f Add UUIDs to all tempest tests and gate check
525438e Drop the legacy and un-used _interface
619c59d Change tempest NotFound exc to tempest-lib exc
d7d1481 Change data_processing client to return one value and update tests
94a0bc5 Split resource_setup for data_processing tests
6c9429c Allow to specify the list of sahara enabled plugins
b6942af Migrate data_processing API tests to resource_* fixtures
9a72f4e Sahara: add API tests for jobs
17cc65e Sahara: preparations for job tests
761e50b Add client response checking for data processing service
d1e4a63 Sahara: minor changes for API tests
0ac34cb Sahara: add API tests for job binaries
fb4aa6b Enable E251,E265 rules ignore H402
8e42eff Sahara: preparations for job binary tests
5ebcc0a Sahara: add API tests for cluster templates
d0d20f1 Sahara: minor changes for API tests
fc830da Sahara: add API tests for job binary internals
3349718 Sahara: preparations for job binary internal tests
f996a31 Sahara: add API tests for data sources
6470386 Enable H302 rule everywhere
365b3de Sahara: editing licenses
5ab02c1 Sahara: preparations for data source tests
a24a61c Sahara: preparations for new tests
7a7cf87 fix sahara base class
2863005 Rename Savanna to Sahara
9d2532f Savanna: add API client and tests for plugins
f184736 Add missing isolated_cred cleanup to savanna tests
aa4cbb7 Add simple node group tmpl API test for Savanna
34af822 Add missed yaml files for liberty
a87f96e rename sahara-tests to sahara_tests in setup.cfg
b01dd35 Add autoregistering of image
e2a333c Add parameter for ssh conection
60dea7d Updated from global requirements
3d6970f Add ability export results to file
1f156ac Fix README for sahara-scenario
ad6b110 Updated from global requirements
8c87380 Adding ability use default templates
b75ab20 Add MapR-FS support to sahara scenario framework
e4b27f1 Fix .gitignore
b420b8f Fix using proxy node for checks
a894fc3 Add pylint to tox
e885b96 Disable ssl_verify as default
96ab039 Use ostestr instead of the custom pretty_tox.sh
625d28a Fix scenario tests for correct output to swift
a0e56ce Updated from global requirements
34d0b88 Updated from global requirements
94ad6fc Updated from global requirements
8d1f2f3 Add more infomation when create cluster failed for scenario test
b7d1531 Fix READMEs location for sahara_tests
d4f1be0 Add CDH 5.5.0 scenario test
06dcee6 Define variables via args in scenario tests
c587b4d Update MapReduce job
4105d34 Fix gates
5df0221 Fix .gitreview after repo renaming
a8e3262 Updated from global requirements
a1ab987 Updated from global requirements
87a18ab Add scenario for Spark 1.6.0
d25d1c4 Override auth version for swiftclient
239e2e9 Add EDP job flow for spark-1.0.0
7725559 Add missed files for kilo and liberty
65b1076 Add bashate check in pep8 env
5a4de20 Move gate scripts from sahara repo
ed28163 Fix imports in custom checks
9c8bd1e Fix ini sourcecode in README.rst
3a5c763 Fix project name in .coveragerc
d850637 Restructure of sahara-tests repository
60f59a1 Refactoring of tox.ini
b6acd74 Separate requirements
5892b77 Fix all python-jobs check
63b5f85 Updated from global requirements
fcb9e0a Merge "Added Keystone and RequestID headers to CORS middleware"
b13822b Fix wrong file path in scenario test README.rst
a179b4f Ensure default arguments are not mutable
1b41660 Fixing cinder check with is_proxy_gateway
55c4d87 Update HA scenario for CDH
5c4c870 Merge "Initial key manager implementation"
824b424 Updated from global requirements
74c7e7a Implement custom check for Kafka Service
74a9b12 Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed
537d585 Scenario templates: make is_proxy_gateway configurable
c34cd19 Updated from global requirements
8ee22f4 Updated from global requirements
bddb2ad Remove version from setup.cfg
3835777 Force releasenotes warnings to be treated as errors
0012dfe Optimize "open" method with context manager
f873fa8 Support of Spark EDP in Ambari plugin
5970e5e Update scenario test readme file
ffc0dba Replacing hard coded cluster status using cluster_utils
86ec738 Updated from global requirements
b877b08 Drop direct engine support
f16448e Remove old integration tests for sahara codebase
a6e03f8 Updated from global requirements
b334721 Support reno for release notes management
90b731a Fix doc8 check failures
2f9fb0f Run py34 first in default tox run
596b800 Updated from global requirements
38a7a65 Publish sample conf to docs
5c73723 Move doc8 dependency to test-requirements.txt
cf49687 Fix E005 bashate error
d7daa18 Plugin version error in scenario test for vanilla2.6.0
b7f460f Add ability validate yaml files before run tests
0edacc0 Add CDH test enabling HDFS HA
5a9e042 Merge "Fix Spark installation fails when parsing spark-env.sh"
501ed6d Disable security for Oozie in Ambari
c059a76 Providing more information about fail job
9c79653 Fix Mapr on ci
e61d9e6 Merge "Updated from global requirements"
eaedca9 Add batching for EDP jobs in scenario tests
723b9b1 Hive job type support on CI
50806c1 Updated from global requirements
2e69704 Add ability running tests on existing cluster
dd0ad89 Reformat job flows
c86e689 Add testresources used by oslo.db fixture
fdeb324 Merge "Fix typos in developer documentation"
6d7dd92 Adding ability run several edp jobs flows
3759e08 Updated from global requirements
fa2a385 Cleanup databases during execution of hive example
67b6f6c Open Mitaka development
b867e37 Add put data in HDFS for EDP testcase
cc70c18 Updated from global requirements
c6909f2 Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
ebb9969 Adapt python client tests to use Tempest plugin interface
11bfb0e Adding check of indirect access
bdbc731 Create ResourceGroup with volumes only if it is required
1573772 Fix working scenario tests with swiftclient
051c6c8 Updated from global requirements
6a12d49 Enable anti_affinity feature in scenario test
a1f6a3b Fix mocks in scenario_unit tests
ccbd1f2 [CDH] Fix problem with launching Spark jobs
9800912 Drop HDP 1.3.2 plugin
80159e0 Drop Vanilla Hadoop 1
555e642 Add missing ssl_verify for swift in scenario tests
cc67225 Remove useless test dependency 'discover'
8673174 Use less resources in sceanrio gate job
955359e Add sample spark wordcount job
98a4cd9 Deprecate Vanilla 2.6.0
a738cc9 Add EDP services to new HDP plugin
972845b Add base services support for HDP 2.2 / 2.3
4024cb9 Changing scenario runner to use subprocess
90840df Update plugin version for transient tests to vanilla 2.7.1
c450b15 New version of HDP plugin
4cd6b3c Doc, scenario tests: variables config file
ce28b5e Implement ability of creating flavor for scenario tests
7e5e3f2 Add support of SSL in scenario tests
76b04a9 Added support for MapR v5.0.0
7c44739 Add separated dir with fake plugin scenario for gate testing
c4b95c4 Scenario tests: store ssh key if resources are retained
a22e6d2 Update stackforge to openstack
a37aa76 Updated from global requirements
3339060 Add script to report uncovered new lines
f5b085d Increase coverage report precision
630778d Add recommendation support to Cloudera plugin
0a4c79d Support placeholders in args of job for i/o
c37c8b8 Update vanilla plugin to the latest version
d8e1325 Updated from global requirements
d11f7a8 Remove spaces from Sahara key comment
b894a91 Drop support of deprecated 2.4.1 Vanilla plugin
28931eb Updated from global requirements
b893d2e Migrate to flavor field in spark 1.3.1
054abba Cleanup .gitignore
80520d9 Ignore .eggs directory in git
ebdc592 Add missing mako template for Spark 1.3.1
5b2616d Migrate "flavor_id" to "flavor" in scenario tests
3586c22 Remove openstack.common package
4cf771d updating documentation on devstack usage
ba6b2b5 Added the ability to specify the name of the flavor_id
6bba98b Add Zookeeper and Sentry in CDH540 scenario tests
4b74078 Fix README.rst in scenario dir
2d39238 Switch to the oslo_utils.fileutils
4b03c61 Updated from global requirements
48937b2 Remove the old scenario YAML files
58f63f0 Derive Mako scenario templates from the current YAMLs
4d38d08 Improvement check scale in scenario tests
7d570ba Allow Mako templates as input for scenario test runner
9aa1181 Updated from global requirements
f1dba31 Add check for cinder in scenario tests
cdc31de Add py34 to envlist
d05bbc5 Add bashate check for devstack scripts
88598cb Merge "Add in-tree Devstack plugin"
c32e8a4 Support Spark 1.3.1
b8a42bb Updated from global requirements
8a1ad8e Enable Java Keystore KMS service in CDH5.4
851e4c8 pass environment variables of proxy to tox
1e0671e Add sentry check for CDH 5.3
3b7606a Updated from global requirements
035c0b4 Add method for geting instances with process
fe1538c Add CDH5.4 support in sahara
c1b2221 Add support of custom scenario to scenario tests
8e45628 Added method for connect to node and run command
5d20796 Update version for Liberty
f3bcdb6 Add cinder volumes to mapr scenario template
e3571fb Modifying Swift Paths for EDP Examples
17b2f44 Merge "Updated from global requirements"
76479bc Fixed typo in the Oozie CL documentation
61ff038 Added checking of event-log in scenario tests
8593c84 Added validation of template names in scenario tests
683fc48 Merge "Adding retry ability to neutronclient calls"
da65acc Adding yaml scenario file for Mapr 4.0.2 plugin
a36ecca Use PyMySQL as MySQL DB driver for unit tests
f0c9a75 Add support of Mapr FS to scenario tests
4621702 Use keystone session in new integration tests
d7b341d Remove sqlalchemy-migrate from test-requirements
ef20a1a Updated from global requirements
b327a3f Make configurable timeouts in scenario tests
5a45851 Adding basic bandit config
064e886 Event log supported in new integration tests
d67c922 Add sahara_service_type support for auth for sahara
f19db1c Updated from global requirements
8ad206b Merge "Fixing log messages to avoid information duplication"
ad83b39 Fix slow unit test
9ecc5d1 update .gitreview for stable/kilo
a952806 Add scenario yaml file for fake plugin
769f540 Updated from global requirements
912297b Added check of scaling for Spark plugin
fc2f584 Put in Sahara repo actual scenario files
ab6323d Use jsonutils from oslo.serialization
30813ae Add CDH template for the scenario integration test
ed4bcc7 Add hacking checks related to logging guideliness
66adfe3 Rename templates in scenario yaml files
406e41e Updating edp json examples
6853ed3 Updating sahara-ci readme
4ef2cbb Updating edp-java readme
e36fea3 Updating wordcount readme
42b75cb Updated from global requirements
9dd2297 Open Liberty development
5b501de Migrate to oslo.policy lib instead of copy-pasted oslo-incubator
1466e11 Merge "Default templates for HDP"
ed89f0f Add unit-tests for new integration tests
6578fab Leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274
6114be6 Add a CLI tool for managing default templates
07a7b20 Add validation in new integration tests
a8be3dd Adding run time of tests
2b25a31 Merge "Add usages of poll util for service modules"
16480e2 Adding plugin version information to scenario test report
b05ea2e Documentation for scenario tests
52d7b1b Add information about cluster state in test report
b4da709 Updated from global requirements
54766c7 Add scenario files for new integration tests
0f17b98 Remove the sahara.conf.sample file
acaaedd Switch to v2 version of novaclient
8662d40 Take back upstream checks for import order
0accb91 Add transient checks support in scenario tests
25a9ab3 Take back upstream checks for commit message
0978bad Updated from global requirements
74bab47 [EDP] Add Oozie Shell Job Type
ad0a1f1 Merge "Applying event log feature for CDH - part 1"
3b2484e Add support of several scenario files in integration tests
d0afe0f Collect errors in new integration tests
c2693bf Add support for oslo_debug_helper to tox.ini
92ce3a6 Add concurrency support in new integration tests
d82ac57 Reorganized heat template generation code
5607aab New integration tests - EDP
cbe6a13 New integration tests - scaling
0f5ce79 New integration tests - base functional
9431eef Merge "Add option to disable event log"
86767d4 Updated from global requirements
1813b55 Merge "Remove obsolete exceptions module"
6e69c8f Merge "Updated sample config after oslo messaging update"
46c4a12 Remove log module from common modules
c4c542e Drop cli/sahara-rootwrap
88a1e5b Updated from global requirements
88ab2c5 Merge "Removed sad line"
7cc0652 Use pretty-tox for better test output
5d0599b Move to hacking 0.10
dc2c471 Added ability to listen HTTPS port
b4415d3 Adding Storm entry point to setup.cfg
3e95c7d Cleaned up config generator settings
d546e03 Extracted config check from pep8 to separate env
2225435 Merge "Fixed vanilla1/2 cluster not launched problem"
c563d5d Migrate to oslo.concurrency
b3f0229 Add one more sample for pig job examples
d11948f Updated from global requirements
0de1436 Merge "Update conf sample after oslo.messaging release"
4c35af9 Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
089e65a Add integration test for Hive EDP job
ddc745c Remove py26 from tox
ecec62c Sample JSON files for Sahara EDP APIs
7d9d30b Updated from global requirements
5b6061e Updated from global requirements
dca1859 Merge "Add list of open ports for Cloudera plugin"
289b8b4 Updated from global requirements
16a416b Drop obsolete oslo-confing-generator
f100560 Merge "Fix bugs on Sahara overview"
8b82259 MapR plugin implementation
f302379 Updated from global requirements
ff2f752 Remove Vanilla 2.3 Hadoop
358ea3c Add bashate checks
b086704 Merge "Imported Translations from Transifex"
bfdc1ed Adding support for oslo.rootwrap to namespace access
9051153 Open Kilo development
637395b Merge "Added docs for running Sahara in distributed mode"
19ba534 Update CONTRIBUTING.rst
d6e3f02 Add pip-missing-reqs tox env
f45deb5 Add genconfig tox env
e51877e Updated from global requirements
191cc2b Updated from global requirements
53e4f09 Add warn re sorting requirements
bd2b9d6 Add doc8 tox env
0283be7 Removed comment about hashseed reset in unit tests
c7890a3 Updated from global requirements
31b9156 Updated from global requirements
73e32ef Do not rely on hash ordering in tests
a4d9664 Add Spark integration test
90a6bca Create etc/edp-examples directory
3e38f01 Add translation support to plugin modules
34737aa Merge "Fixed bug with NotFoundException"
4ed5cfc Removed a duplicate directive
254a221 Group tests by class
71755c3 Merge "Implement EDP for a Spark standalone cluster"
472cc46 Set python hash seed to 0 in tox.ini
b8df374 Add CDH plugin to Sahara
a5986c2 Add rm from docs env to whitelist to avoid warn
9babef6 Merge "Removed extra work in case of no volumes"
72579b5 Add translation support to service and utils modules
80b668c Add translation support to upper level modules
9051631 Merge "Refactor the job manager to allow multiple execution engines"
370613b Remove docutils pin
01057d3 Corrected a number of pep8 errors
3ef5699 Merge "Use immutable arg rather mutable arg"
05e1c82 Merge "Fix detaching cinder volumes"
e466c34 Fixed number of hacking errors
61eedd2 Fixed H405 pep8 style check
06ebe06 Migrated integration tests to testtools
8dc2a6a Updated from global requirements
cad5564 Fixed E265 pep8
e3dfd90 Added new hacking version to requirements
29e6d4d Updated from global requirements
1dab665 Sync the latest DB code from oslo-incubator
02ae87c Updated from global requirements
43bdc82 Replaced RuntimeErrors with specific errors
65b7e09 Add Spark plugin to Sahara
0cdf150 Merge "Remove unused function from xmlutils"
c80cd60 Updated from global requirements
9c2414a Merge "Extended plugin SPI with methods to communicate with EDP"
f56f015 Merge "Replaced the word components with component(s)"
67dbe63 Updated from global requirements
95802f0 Split sahara into sahara-api and sahara-engine
fedc5e7 Add sahara-all binary
dc5d645 Add simple fake plugin for testing
dadaabf Merge "Updated architecture diagram in docs"
4c6b2cd Remove IDH plugin from sahara
6388e15 Merge "Saharaclient must be installed for UI to work in dev environment"
fe31b0a Add *.log files to gitignore
86f3a88 Merge "Cleanup of docs for integration tests"
2c92157 Check that all po/pot files are valid
5095044 Open Juno dev
8bfd358 Merge "Fix default repo links and tarball links for IDH"
cba938d Remove agent remote
b38c218 Merge "Prepare integration tests for use for hadoop 2"
eed5c67 Change savanna references in top level docs
63f310f Move integration tests to python-saharaclient 0.6.0
92a1d37 Change remaining savanna namespaces in setup.cfg
80395e0 Renaming files with savanna words in its names
b0a6ca6 Change remaining 'savanna' references in sahara/tests
aad3d16 Move the savanna subdir to sahara
07fa59d Update i18n config due to the renaming
af0869d Update .gitreview to point on updated repo
bf4c014 Merge "Removed log message duplication"
926653c Make savanna able to be executed as sahara
83e7c48 Updated from global requirements
ad5aacd Add alias 'direct' for savanna/direct engine
4b74480 Intial Agent remote implementation
b350342 Updated from global requirements
d7dc8e1 Updated from global requirements
d61b1fe Auto generate and check config sample
0a98990 Merge "Delete 'links' only if it is present"
8bb651f Switch over to oslosphinx
be18ae3 Further preparation for transition to guest agent
df09552 Merge "Fixed a small typo"
7759b57 Merge "Add utilities for supporting dotted job types"
a73c890 Make remote pluggable
174cd4e Sync with global-requirements
e4463d9 Updated from global requirements
a66d8b4 Merge "Update install guide"
c39c2bf Add integration test for Oozie java action
c2732b0 Add alembic migration tool to sqlalchemy
9cd6f56 Merge "[IDH] Added config controlling hadoop-swift.jar URL"
3ec1b8e Add missed i18n configs to setup.cfg
a7641c3 Extract common part of instances.py and instances_heat.py
3f2cf42 Merge "Minor exception text changes"
5f9e604 Adding IDH plugin basic implementation
9380f2f Removal of AUTHORS file from repo
681cf9d Merge "Added heat service retrieving from keystone catalog"
8209b11 Launch integration tests with testr
92d202c Provisioning via Heat
7146e28 Migrating to testr
a917cbd Sync requirements: pin Sphinx to <1.2
33a0912 Bump savanna client used for tests to >= 0.4.0
961c6ac Make infrastructure engine pluggable
a7d9c9e Use stevedore for plugins loading
1c63b8f Merge "Use @six.add_metaclass instead off __metaclass__"
7c9e9e0 There is no sense to keep py33 in tox envs
56a29de Merge "Removed usages of uuidutils.generate_uuid()"
395e1bd Revert "Support building wheels (PEP-427)"
fdd3455 Bump version to 2014.1
ac0b9ea Support building wheels (PEP-427)
d2fb7a1 Hacking contains all needed requirements
9f53d54 Fix style errors and upgrade hacking
08750b0 Replace copy-pasted HACKING.rst with link
f8f84be Merge "update guide document"
43134a9 Merge "Fixed some warnings during doc building:"
ed0c4ce Use release version of python-savannaclient
31049d5 Merge "Refreshed sample config files"
1ef3b21 Use python-savannaclient 0.3.rc4
fa85e6a Merge "Unconditionally monkey patch nova.keypairs.get"
b35bc84 Use savanna client 0.3-rc3
95eedfd Merge "Add __init__.py file to enable edp validation tests"
cc37d73 Added EDP testing
6cab614 Move swift client to runtime requirements
d2c98fc Hide savanna-subprocess endpoint from end users
db36497 Added rack topology configuration for hadoop cluster
70eebad Bump savanna client version to 0.3-rc2
48c319b Merge "Close FDs for subprocesses"
ffde135 Merge "Delete constant 'GENERAL_CONFS' from config_helper.py"
42f70a3 Add missing package dependency for test_requirements.txt
24a48e0 Update .gitreview file following repository move
f18cdcf Sync with global requirements
17eb733 Merge "Print request body when log-exchange flag is true"
0806c44 Replace copy-pasted sphinx theme with oslo.sphinx
1eab9ec Migration to new integration tests
78ff53a Integration test refactoring
d66c071 Merge "Bump oslo.config version to use Havana release"
94e0192 Add default sqlite db to .gitignore
9bf95d2 Sync requirements with global requirements
8eb4e12 Remove version pbr pins from setup_requires
7f0e052 Merge "Get ambari mirror with curl instead of wget"
733e9c8 Merge "Fix exception handling in Savanna subprocessing"
3d3ece0 Merge "Partial implementation for bug 1217983"
9c806ae Wrapping ssh calls into subprocesses
3568593 Merge "Sync oslo with os/oslo-incubator"
fefab43 Use setup.py develop for tox install
026c6ad Merge "Update Ambari repo URL for 0.2.2 release"
623c9ce Move Babel from test to runtime requirements
24161fd Install configs to share/savanna from etc/savanna
61d3bb5 Migrate to pbr
646cbe2 First steps for i18n support
fd2508d Merge "Check for valid flavor on cluster create"
bbf9a5c Sync OpenStack commons with oslo-incubator
95f91b7 Migrate to Conductor
4b4422c Bump hacking to 0.7
29e8f40 Merge "Several fixes and improvements for conductor"
8e293f1 Made Ambari RPM location configurable
618ba08 Merge "Add check for deprecated method assertEquals"
fc2a99d Bump version to 0.3
953648a Merge "Implement object classes for Conductor"
a93e5bf Fix docs build
6c60b82 Add check S361 for imports of savanna.db module
a5d5309 Improve coverage calculation
7b365ba Created savanna-db-manage script for new DB
f548f1f Workflow creator
ed69c3a Docs build fixed
02347fc Enforce hacking >=0.6.0
5f5a1a0 Fix contributing.rst file
26fe53d Move requirements files to the common place
5ac7932 Merge "Fixes issue with ng names duplicates"
903b137 Merge "Fix delete templates that are in use"
54cefa3 Merge "Fix HDP plugin should register service urls"
f1ceed2 Use console_scripts instead of bin
8a0a046 Merge "Allow hacking 0.6.0 and fix errors from new checks"
b2cdddf Cluster scaling: deletion
4f693d6 Added config tests
22d19bf Merge "Fix several sphinx bugs and include autoindex"
75ca245 Fix author/homepage in setup.py
4f932f2 Merge "Fix install guide to fedora and centos"
ae78ac4 Merge "Docs for Jenkins ci added"
bca413d Merge "Added docs for DiskImageBuilder."
f152bc2 Merge "Change default port for savanna api to 8386."
7678261 Merge "Help messages for savanna-api configs improved"
99e4bdb Merge "REST API validation implementation"
e8e0213 Merge "Add description and template id during Cluster creation"
6a309f3 Merge "Cluster scaling: validation"
a2e2bf4 Rollback sitepackages fix for tox.ini
8f46afb Fix pep8 and pycrypto versions, fix tox.ini
446f6e3 Merge "Improvements of test for image registry"
758af6c Merge "Multi-tenancy support has been implemented"
c623295 Posargs has been added to the flake8 command
a96f28c License hacking tests has been added
8b1bdfd Merge "Threading utils implemented"
628b4cf Merge "Place patches test to the right place"
202f1a1 Merge "Implement _map_to_user_inputs helper"
04e017f Merge "Add info property to the Cluster object."
9a291d6 XML coverage report added (cobertura).
f5eaa11 Merge "Replaced all 'General' configs to 'general'"
e30b6c8 Add cover report to .gitignore
8115438 Heap Size can be applied for Hadoop services now
bb503aa Merge "Applied Swift Integration in Vanilla Plugin:"
dc7b509 Vanilla plugin configs are more informative now
943c204 Merge "User keypair is now optional for cluster creation."
3ff322c Helper for Swift integration was added.
77a8dc9 Implementation of Vanilla Plugin
8d79dab Merge "Sync tools/*-requires with openstack/requirements."
f015223 Adding lintstack to support pylint testing.
8946c33 Merge "instruction for dev env for horizone plugin"
0341671 Enable all code style tests.
b1a4caa Merge "The 'ctx' arg removed from plaggable provisioning."
e0594ed Introduce py33 to tox.ini
75aa680 AUTHORS added to the repo
a08266a Initial version of Savanna v0.2
f8892e4 Merge "Integration tests improvements and fixes."
5615501 Merge "Requires updated due to the openstack/requirements"
a7f94d3 .gitignore updated
e0e5a39 cscope.out has been added to .gitignore
45266dc bump version to 0.1.2
e652a11 Merge "Cluster status fix when error during vms starting"
b75e72c Merge "The is_node_template_associated function added."
65470d7 Adds xml hadoop config generating
df0daa4 Implements integration tests
9ec21a4 Additional info files added to repo
64492fb Re-add setuptools-git to setup.py
6ba07ee All tools modev to tox.
e03d326 Merge "OS Summit session nnouncement has been added"
25648bb bump version to 0.1.1
1dc3aa4 Remove an invalid trove classifier.
152daf3 setup.py has been improved
ce79378 setuptools-get has been removed from deps
a32959f AUTHORS and ChangeLog has been added to .gitignore
411a316 Merge "sample-conf has been removed from savanna-manage"
61071a4 Merge "Fixed issue when json's responses contain null values"
b7b516c Merge "get_auth_token is now uses default configs"
3957cfa resources has been added to sdist tarball
707a218 savanna-manage added to the scripts section of setup.py
37ce3c3 Several fixes in tools and docs.
9274d16 Tools has been improved.
1fbda10 savanna-manage has been added; reset-db/gen-templates moved to it
8dc4ac7 Author email has been fixed
60b8081 dev-conf is now supported
f6b5c07 some confs cleanup, pyflakes added to tox
252b9b4 simple tox.ini has been added
9a53ad8 Add .gitreview file.
1b50ef9 eho -> savanna
46258a1 Build docs is now implemented using setup.py
e48b67f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/oslo_config' into dev
53d3fac Merge pull request #10 from Mirantis/docs_corrections
097aa65 Merge pull request #8 from Mirantis/docs_corrections
0bdfa89 Merge pull request #6 from Mirantis/docs_corrections
b878cef copyright has been added
6bbcf33 setup utils is now from oslo-incubator
22f448a setup.py has been added
1a2fe80 Merge pull request #4 from Mirantis/exception_handling
3bf9e2c using conf files instead of hardcoded values
fc5aec1 pylint and pyflakes static analysis has been added
73df8f0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/clusterops' into clusterops
da84afa Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into clusterops
fe0b1b6 nosetests.xml added to .gitignore
dc790d1 *.db added to .gitignore
7586c77 tests, coverage added
f889ad9 bin added

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