[openstack-dev] [Congress] Issues with Tox testing

Bryan Sullivan blsaws at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 13 01:23:38 UTC 2016

Thanks for the clarification, Anusha. Sounds like I should focus my effort on using tempest tests in Mitaka.
Bryan Sullivan


Date: Tue Apr 12 05:46:58 UTC 2016
From: anusha.iiitm at gmail.com

Hi Bryan,

Yes, tempest can be run outside devstack deployments. Please check the
README in https://github.com/openstack/tempest on configuring tempest.

As in liberty, you need to copy the tests to tempest, I guess installing
tempest on diff server also should work as long as congress service is
discoverable (never tried though) . But just to let you know, congress
Liberty version has minimal tempest coverage, In Mitaka we have enabled all
the tempest tests.

Best Regards,

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