[openstack-dev] [Congress] Guide for all reactive policy options? (execute[...])

Bryan Sullivan blsaws at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 12 05:27:59 UTC 2016

Hi Congress team,

I'm trying to develop tests for the reactive policy features of Congress. I have one such test working, shown at https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/copper/tree/tests/adhoc/dmz01.sh, which applies the following rule for pausing a server when there has been an error in server placement (in a hypothetical "dmz" network environment): 

"execute[nova:servers.pause(id)] :- 

I'm also trying to develop a similar test for deletion of a subnet that has been defined in a reserved subnet space. But I can't figure out how to specify the action. I'm currently trying things like:

"execute[neutron:delete_subnet(x)] :- reserved_subnet_error(x)"
"execute[neutron:subnet.delete(x)] :- reserved_subnet_error(x)"

Where "reserved_subnet_error" is a table created by matching an allocated subnet against a list of reserved subnets (e.g. for admin purposes, and not intended to be made available to VMs).

To help me develop such tests, it would be good to know a complete list of the "execute" action supported in Liberty (for all services). But I only see a reference to the nova example above in the docs. I've looked thru the code for neutron actions but can't find anywhere that a complete set of supported actions is described, or the syntax for invoking them in an execute rule.

Any pointers to where I should look (even in the code) is much appreciated.

Bryan Sullivan 		 	   		  
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