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Michael Xin michael.xin at RACKSPACE.COM
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Thanks for asking this. I forwarded this email to the new email list so that folks with better knowledge can answer this.

Thanks and have a great day.


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Subject: [Openstack-security] abandoned OSSNs?

Some folks from our security team here asked me to ensure them that our services were patched for all the OSSNs that are listed here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Security_Notes

Most of these are straight-forward, but there are some OSSNs that have been allocated an ID but then abandoned. There is no detailed wiki page and my best google efforts lead me to a possible IRC mention and maybe an abandoned review. The two specifically are OSSN-50/51.

So what am I to do with an "abandoned" OSSN? Has it been decided that there is no issue anymore? These are pretty old if I look at the dates framing the other OSSNs (49/52), so I assume they aren't urgent. Can we ignore these? They sound somewhat scary, for example, "keystonemiddleware can allow access after token revocation" but I have no means to say whether it affects us or how we can mitigate without more info.

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