[openstack-dev] [all] [app-catalog] Newton summit schedule

Christopher Aedo doc at aedo.net
Fri Apr 8 18:34:47 UTC 2016

Hello!  I'm tagging "all" in hopes of getting more attention and some
good attendance and conversations going in Austin.  The sessions are
on the schedule[1] so please join us!

In addition to the time we hope to spend with the Horizon team, we'll
also talk about what I think is one of the biggest things holding back
growth of the catalog - the question of how to develop an app meant
for OpenStack (and how best to package and distribute them).  This
impacts the larger OpenStack ecosystem as well, and I'm hoping to
solicit more opinions and views either in person or via the mailing

Looking forward to some great conversations in Austin!

[1] https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/summit-schedule/global-search?t=App%20Catalog
[2] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/user-committee/2016-April/000722.html


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