[openstack-dev] [devstack][neutron] Eliminating the DevStack layer

Mike Spreitzer mspreitz at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 8 16:49:47 UTC 2016

I like this, for a reason not mentioned.  I am not a Neutron dev or 
operator and have never learned how to deploy Neutron; I have always 
driven it through DevStack.  The documentation for that has never been 
adequate, and I have concluded it will never be adequate.  With inadequate 
documentation, that layer isn't really doing its job anyway.  If there is 
no devstack layer getting in my way, I am willing to learn how to deploy 
Neutron from what I suppose is better documentation than I have been 
reading.  I understand that direct Neutron configuration is more 
troublesome than it should be.  Eliminating the devstack Neutron layer 
will only increase the pressure to both improve the documentation of 
Neutron configuration and simplify the subject, both of which are Good 
Things (TM).


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