[openstack-dev] Constant attempts from Matthew Kassawara to remove Debian from the install-guide

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Fri Apr 8 16:47:26 UTC 2016

I don't do ab-dominem pointing fingers. I believe this is normally
detrimental to the project. However, I don't have any choice in this
case. Matthew is consistently attempting to remove the Debian support
from the install-guide. He's doing it again:


And without any discussion with me, who did all of the work. And again,
just after the release, which is when I usually have the time to work
again on the install-guide.

The first time it happened, was when the install-guide was converted to
RST. I was told I couldn't commit, as it was frozen.

This type of behavior is completely in opposition to what we've voted
for: the bit tent, where everyone is welcome. In this case Matthew, is
clearly making a war against Debian support in the install-guide. I
don't want this to happen.

Matthew, in his CR, wrote:
"lack of maintenance and usability"

Well, first of all, I don't agree with that. Second, like on every
releases, I intended to work on it after the packages were done, for the
Mitaka release.

Another thing is that the Debian packages are the only ones available
for many services, as Canonical doesn't work on them (these packages are
just sync from Debian, at best). So we'd be effectively removing the
only OS where it can be installed.

I received *many* feedback from people who would like to see more of
Debian in the install-guide, not less, and even less get it completely
removed. During a year, I had to point to the direct link where the
Debian guide was installed, as the link on docs.openstack.org was
removed (up to now, still don't understand why this happened). Now, even
the generation of the Debian docs is removed, and I can't point to it.

This has to stop. This is disgusting, and with no valid reason. The same
way every project should be welcome in the install-guide, contributors
should be welcome, and for all operating systems.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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