[openstack-dev] [tacker] Refactoring heat-driver

Bruce Thompson (brucet) brucet at cisco.com
Fri Apr 8 15:10:36 UTC 2016


I have not taken a detailed look at the code but I think your list makes sense.

I come from the "old school" software development world. I like to put together a functional block diagram of a system before going off and coding. Based on this line of reasoning, I put together the attached block diagram of Tacker for the Mitaka release.

It sounds like the main difference between what I have in the functional block diagram and the current implementation is that most of the implementation of the Tacker Deployment engine in the diagram is actually sitting in the HOT driver right now. If my functional block diagram looks right, then I would recommend that we try to reorganize the implementation to look close to what's in the functional block diagram.

Bruce T

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [tacker] Refactoring heat-driver

Now that Mitaka release is out, this is a good time to consider refactoring Tacker's heat-driver. This driver was one of the big module we inherited but it got even bloated with recent enhancements.

I've captured some ideas on how to shuffle things out of this component in the etherpad [1]. Thoughts ?

- Sridhar

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-newton-heatdriver-refactoring
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