[openstack-dev] [Horizon][Keystone]Re: Keystone 'adminURL' option to fallback to 'internalURL' within Horizon api/keystone.py?

Brad Pokorny Brad_Pokorny at symantec.com
Thu Apr 7 18:39:27 UTC 2016

Hi Brian,

Copying to the general list, as this is something I've wondered about, and
others probably are as well.

Please see below. I'm not an expert on this topic, but I've looked at it a
little bit.

On 4/7/16, 11:02 AM, "Tully, Brian" <brian.tully at hpe.com> wrote:

>Hi there -
>I'm reaching out to ask for some clarification on what the difference is
>between adminURL and internalURL as it pertains to the keystoneclient ‹
>specifically in api/keystone.py
>pi/keystone.py#n163) whereby if the user is logged in as an admin, the api
>will specify 'adminURL' as the endpoint type.
>We have a scenario where our admin interface and internal interface are on
>2 separate networks, and therefore the adminURL is not accessible by

I think the original intent of having separate URL types was this exact
purpose - having them on different networks/ports that can be locked down
to protect admin operations. This was briefly mentioned in a recent ML

It sounds like operations were locked down for the v2 identity API, but
maybe not for v3 (which I'm assuming is what you're using).

>When using the openstack CLI, we can specify the endpoint type as
>internal and do not see any perceived reduction in functionality as an
>admin user. 

If everything can be done via the CLI with the internal URL anyway, then
what's the point of protecting the admin URL on a separate network? Sounds
like this is what your question below is getting at.

>Are there certain functions that can only be accessed through
>the adminURL?

This is what I'm not sure of.

>For our use case, we think we can workaround this by adding a new config
>setting, e.g., IDENTITY_ADMIN_ENDPOINT_TYPE and setting it to
>'internalURL' in local_settings.py:
># IDENTITY_ADMIN_ENDPOINT_TYPE specifies the admin endpoint type to use in
># case that the default admin interface in the Keystone service catalog
># is not accessible by Horizon. Use this setting when Horizon cannot
># access the identity endpoint at the default 'adminURL' and set it to
># 'internalURL'.
>then in api/keystone.py we can change
>endpoint_type = 'adminURL'
>        endpoint_type = getattr(settings,
>                                'IDENTITY_ADMIN_ENDPOINT_TYPE',
>                                'adminURL')
>which will use 'adminURL' as the default, but allow user customizable
>endpoint type for identity
>Does this seem even remotely useful upstream? Let me know...

I would think if the internal URL can do everything the admin URL can do,
and if that's how things are supposed to remain long term, there's no
reason to have internal and admin on separate networks.

>Brian Tully
>Software Engineer

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