[openstack-dev] [Congress] Issues with Tox testing

Bryan Sullivan blsaws at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 7 18:16:48 UTC 2016

Hi Congress team, 

A question for tox testing expert on the Congress team. I'm trying to run the tox tests as described at https://github.com/openstack/congress, specifically the two commands:

$ sudo pip install 'tox<1.7'

$ tox -epy27 

Due to conflicts with the OS-owned python config, I run these under my virtualenv created in the congress repo as:
$ cd ~/git/congress
$ bin/pip  install 'tox<1.7'
$ bin/tox -epy27

But in any event (whether I try to run the tox within the virtualenv or not), I get errors such as:
  c/_cffi_backend.c:15:17: fatal error: ffi.h: No such file or directory

What's missing in the setup for running these tests? 

Note that I have all the config needed to run bash/CLI-based test scripts such as https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/copper/tree/tests/adhoc/dmz01.sh 

Bryan Sullivan 		 	   		  
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