[openstack-dev] [Nova] RFC Host Maintenance

Juvonen, Tomi (Nokia - FI/Espoo) tomi.juvonen at nokia.com
Thu Apr 7 11:18:43 UTC 2016

Thanks Sean,

I totally understand your comment and this logic might really be somewhere else, not to overload Nova with all kind of things and the level of exposing you suggested might then be enough.

Anyhow I am also asking more user or operator perspectives to get more use cases. Surely if building this mostly externally (to Nova) those could also be added later.


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> On 04/07/2016 03:26 AM, Juvonen, Tomi (Nokia - FI/Espoo) wrote:
> > Hi Nova, Ops, stackers,
> >
> > I am trying to figure out different use cases and requirements there
> > would be for host maintenance and would like to get feedback and
> > transfer all this to spec and discussion what could and should land for
> > Nova or other places.
> >
> > As working in OPNFV Doctor project that has the Telco perspective about
> > related requirements, I started to draft a spec based on something
> > smaller that would be nice to have in Nova and less complicated to have
> > it in single cycle. Anyhow the feedback from Nova API team was to look
> > this as a whole and gather more. This is why asking this here and not
> > just trough spec, to get input for requirements and use cases with wider
> > audience. Here is the draft spec proposing first just maintenance window
> > to be added:
> > _https://review.openstack.org/296995/_
> >
> > Here is link to OPNFV Doctor requirements:
> > _http://artifacts.opnfv.org/doctor/docs/requirements/02-
> use_cases.html#nvfi-maintenance_
> > _http://artifacts.opnfv.org/doctor/docs/requirements/03-
> architecture.html#nfvi-maintenance_
> > _http://artifacts.opnfv.org/doctor/docs/requirements/05-
> implementation.html#nfvi-maintenance_
> >
> > Here is what I could transfer as use cases, but would ask feedback to
> > get more:
> >
> > As admin I want to set maintenance period for certain host.
> >
> > As admin I want to know when host is ready to actions to be done by admin
> > during the maintenance. Meaning physical resources are emptied.
> >
> > As owner of a server I want to prepare for maintenance to minimize
> downtime,
> > keep capacity on needed level and switch HA service to server not
> > affected by
> > maintenance.
> >
> > As owner of a server I want to know when my servers will be down because
> of
> > host maintenance as it might be servers are not moved to another host.
> >
> > As owner of a server I want to know if host is to be totally removed, so
> > instead of keeping my servers on host during maintenance, I want to move
> > them
> > to somewhere else.
> >
> > As owner of a server I want to send acknowledgement to be ready for host
> > maintenance and I want to state if servers are to be moved or kept on
> host.
> > Removal and creating of server is in owner's control already. Optionally
> > server
> > Configuration data could hold information about automatic actions to be
> > done
> > when host is going down unexpectedly or in controlled manner. Also
> > actions at
> > the same if down permanently or only temporarily. Still this needs
> > acknowledgement from server owner as he needs time for application level
> > controlled HA service switchover.
> While I definitely understand the value of these in a deployement, I'm a
> bit concerned of baking all this structured data into Nova itself. As it
> effectively means putting some degree of a ticket management system in
> Nova that's specific to a workflow you've decided on here. Baked in
> workflow is hard to change when the needs of an industry do.
> My counter proposal on your spec was to provide a free form field
> associated with maintenance mode which could contain a url linking to
> the details. This could be a jira ticket, or a REST url for some other
> service. This would actually be much like how we handle images in Nova,
> with a url to glance to find more info.
> 	-Sean
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