[openstack-dev] [Fuel] CI status after Mitaka branching

Aleksandra Fedorova afedorova at mirantis.com
Thu Apr 7 00:13:56 UTC 2016

Hi, everyone,

here is the current CI status for Fuel:

* there are now regular 10.0 ISO builds which track master branch; 9.0
builds are switched to stable/mitaka


* UCA deployment scenario has been added to regular Build Verification
Tests for both Mitaka (9.0) and master (10.0) branches.


* master.* deployment tests use 10.0 ISO now

Don't forget to rebase patches on top of version bumps to pass fuel-library CI.

* there are new mitaka.* jobs which run deployment tests for
stable/mitaka branch


Known Issues:

* verify-fuel-web-on-fuel-ui is failing, fix on review

* fix for noop fixtures on review

* nightly builds table at ci.fuel-infra.org doesn't show 10.0 status
  Work in progress. Please refer to /ISO/ view.

Aleksandra Fedorova
CI Team Lead

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