[openstack-dev] [designate][osc] new sub commands - how should they be named?

Hayes, Graham graham.hayes at hpe.com
Wed Apr 6 13:59:29 UTC 2016

Designate is adding support for viewing the status of the various
services that are running.

We have added support to our openstack client plugin, but were looking
for guidance / advices on what the actual commands should be.

We have implemented it in [1] as "dns service list" and
"dns service show" - but this is name-spacing the command.

Is there an alternative? "service" is already taken by keystone, and if
we take "service-status" (or other generic term) it will most likely
conflict when nova / cinder / heat / others add support of their service
listings to OSC.

What is the protocol here? First to grab it wins?


- Graham

1 - https://review.openstack.org/284103

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