[openstack-dev] [neutron] OVSDB native interface as default in gate jobs

Assaf Muller assaf at redhat.com
Tue Apr 5 16:57:33 UTC 2016

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:35 PM, Sean M. Collins <sean at coreitpro.com> wrote:
> Russell Bryant wrote:
>> because they are related to two different command line utilities
>> (ovs-vsctl vs ovs-ofctl) that speak two different protocols (OVSDB vs
>> OpenFlow) that talk to two different daemons on the system (ovsdb-server vs
>> ovs-vswitchd) ?
> True, they influence two different daemons - but it's really two options
> that both have two settings:
> * "talk to it via the CLI tool"
> * "talk to it via a native interface"
> How likely is it to have one talking via native interface and the other
> via CLI?

The ovsdb native interface is a couple of cycles more mature than the
openflow one, I see how some users would use one but not the other.

> Also, if the native interface is faster, I think we should consider
> making it the default.

Definitely. I'd prefer to deprecate and delete the cli interfaces and
keep only the native interfaces in the long run.

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> Sean M. Collins
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