[openstack-dev] [OpenStack-Ansible] Mitaka release

Jesse Pretorius jesse.pretorius at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 12:43:34 UTC 2016

The OpenStack-Ansible project is pleased to announce the availability of
it's Mitaka release, v13.0.0, and with it comes the following features:

Increased modularity:
The Ansible roles we provide deploy OpenStack services directly from a git
source into python venvs, and deploy their key infrastructure dependencies.
For Mitaka we have broken the roles out into their own repositories in
order to allow deployers to make use of them with their own Ansible
playbooks. This further increases the options available to deployers,
giving even more choice for how to use the tools we provide to suit the
needs of the target environment.

Improved Usability:
We have made great strides in improving documentation for both developers
and deployers in order to improve the usability of OpenStack-Ansible

Additional services:
OpenStack-Ansible can now deploy Neutron LBaaSv2.
OpenStack-Ansible can now deploy Neutron FWaaS.
OpenStack-Ansible has a new experimental roles for the deployment of
Ironic, Designate, Zaqar, Magnum, Barbican. Each of these roles are still
in their early stages of development and are in varying states of
functional completion. Anyone interested in joining the development process
is welcome to make contact with us through the ML or on IRC in

Increased test coverage:
While we still have full integration testing on every commit to ensure that
the deployment of OpenStack by OpenStack-Ansible's playbooks really works,
we increased test coverage for the dynamic inventory and individual roles
in order to increase the test coverage, improve code quality, reduce
regressions and to cover more difficult test cases (eg: the major version
upgrade of MariaDB).

Some of the work intended for inclusion in the Mitaka release unfortunately
missed the deadline, so we expect that it will be completed and backported
to Mitaka early in the Newton cycle. This work includes:
 - The inclusion of Ironic in the integrated build.
 - Support for Nuage as a networking provider for Neutron.
 - Support for OVS as an ML2 provider for Neutron.

Generally speaking, it has been exciting to see how our community has grown
in the Mitaka cycle. The activity in the IRC channel has shown that we now
have even more organisations making use of OSA to deploy both private and
public OpenStack clouds.

Looking forward into the Newton cycle we'll be continuing work on Multi-OS
enablement, adding support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, taking advantage of
Ansible 2.x, revisiting the dynamic inventory with a view on how
environments are deployed across regions and with Cells v2, and of course
adding support for Liberty->Mitaka upgrades.

Jesse Pretorius
IRC: odyssey4me
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