[openstack-dev] [monasca][release] missing build artifacts

Hochmuth, Roland M roland.hochmuth at hpe.com
Fri Apr 1 20:06:28 UTC 2016

Hi Doug, Sorry, this is our first release and we want to do the right thing.

monasca-ceilometer is the code that plugs into the Ceilometer publisher and Ceilometer storage driver to allow Ceilometer to send metrics to the Monasca API and use Monasca as a storage backend. We don't create a pypi for this component.

monasca-log-api is probably not set up completely, but it should be similar to the monasca-api.

monasca-thresh remains purely Java code. There is a build, but it isn't a Python build so there isn't a tox.ini. Not sure how to deliver this, but the current java build overwrites the jar each time it builds so it sounds like that would need to be fixed.

I guess, judging by the issues, I don't quite understand what "deliverables" are. I was thinking it was the tagged code, but obviously it includes the build too. It sounds like we have more work ahead of us.

Let me know how you want to proceed.

Regards --Roland

On 4/1/16, 1:21 PM, "Doug Hellmann" <doug at doughellmann.com> wrote:

>Monasca team,
>We noticed in our audit of the links on
>http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/index.html that the links to
>the build artifacts for monasca-ceilometer, monasca-log-api, and
>monasca-thresh point to missing files. These repositories either
>don't seem to have any real build jobs configured in
>openstack-infra/project-config/zuul/layout.yaml or don't have tox.ini
>set up correctly (or both), so it's not clear how tagging is producing
>a release for you.
>For now, we are disabling links to the artifacts for those repos
>via https://review.openstack.org/300457 but we're also planning to
>remove them from the official Mitaka page since there don't
>appear to be any actual related deliverables
>It would be good to understand what your intent is for builds. Can
>you follow up here on this thread with some details?
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