[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Preparing for functional testing in Ironic. Will likely break any in-flight patches.

Jim Rollenhagen jim at jimrollenhagen.com
Mon Sep 28 21:09:33 UTC 2015

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 09:00:07PM +0000, Villalovos, John L wrote:
> Just to give a heads up to people. I have proposed the following patch:
> https://review.openstack.org/228612
> This moves the tests in ironic/tests/ to ironic/tests/unit/
> Likely this patch will break most in-flight patches, so rebasing will be required when this patch goes in.

More concretely, the team wants to land this patch ASAP. It's the
beginning of the cycle, so presumably there aren't any patches we're
trying to get in quickly. We want to get it done before any more patches
sneak in new files/imports that break this.

I hope to land this today; if we don't, I plan to leave it with my +2
tonight and Dmitry can land it first thing in the morning. ;)

// jim

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