[openstack-dev] [Magnum] API response on k8s failure

Ryan Rossiter rlrossit at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Sep 14 22:05:19 UTC 2015

I was giving a devstacked version of Magnum a try last week, and from a 
new user standpoint, I hit a big roadblock that caused me a lot of 
confusion. Here's my story:

I was attempting to create a pod in a k8s bay, and I provided it with an 
sample manifest from the Kubernetes repo. The Magnum API then returned 
the following error to me:

ERROR: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'host' (HTTP 500)

I hunted down the error to be occurring here [1]. The k8s_api call was 
going bad, but conductor was continuing on anyways thinking the k8s API 
call went fine. I dug through the API calls to find the true cause of 
the error:

{u'status': u'Failure', u'kind': u'Status', u'code': 400, u'apiVersion': 
u'v1beta3', u'reason': u'BadRequest', u'message': u'Pod in version v1 
cannot be handled as a Pod: no kind "Pod" is registered for version 
"v1"', u'metadata': {}}

It turned out the error was because the manifest I was using had 
apiVersion v1, not v1beta3. That was very unclear by Magnum originally 
sending the 500.

This all does occur within a try, but the k8s API isn't throwing any 
sort of exception that can be caught by [2]. Was this caused by a 
regression in the k8s client? It looks like the original intention of 
this was to catch something going wrong in k8s, and then forward on the 
message & error code on to let the magnum API return that.

My question here is: does this classify as a bug? This happens in more 
places than just the pod create. It's changing around API returns (quite 
a few of them), and I don't know how that is handled in the Magnum 
project. If we want to have this done as a blueprint, I can open that up 
and target it for Mitaka, and get to work. If it should be opened up as 
a bug, I can also do that and start work on it ASAP.



Ryan Rossiter (rlrossit)

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