[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Bugs status

Dmitry Pyzhov dpyzhov at mirantis.com
Thu Oct 29 15:53:19 UTC 2015

Here is our current stats. Overall situation looks ok. We have manageable
number of high priority bugs. Number of medium bugs is going down. It
doesn't look like we will fix all medium bugs by end of release but it
seems to be acceptable. High priority technical debt is under control.
Features backlog is huge and nobody expects that it will be closed by end
of release.

Again I’ll show it in format “total (UI / python / library)"

Critical and high bugs: 43 (5/15/23). Last week it was 52 (6/28/18)
Medium, low and wishlist bugs: 181 (43/102/36). Last week it was 196
Features tracked as bug reports: 143. 111 are marked with ‘feature’ tag and
32 covered by blueprints. Last week it was 147 in total, 115 with 'feature'
tag and 32 covered by blueprints.
Technical debt bugs: 105 (2/82/21). Last week it was 106 (2/80/24) in
total. We’ve marked some of tech-debt bugs as High because we think them
pretty important. There are 11 (0/8/3). Last week we had 10 (0/6/4)

This is going to be the last report based on 'assignee' field. Next week
I'm going to split bugs into areas according to our 'area' tags described
here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fuel/Bug_tags#Area_tags
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