[openstack-dev] Introducing Lwood - a weekly summary of openstack-dev traffic

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Wed Oct 28 05:15:08 UTC 2015


For some months now I've been preparing a weekly summary of traffic on 
openstack-dev and distributing it to interested colleagues at Rackspace.

It was pointed out to me that while somewhat specific in focus - I tend 
to only flag things that relate to what we're working on in our team - 
it might none the less be useful to a wider audience.

So in the hope it is indeed of use, may I introduce "Last week on 
openstack-dev" (aka Lwood) to the community :)


Or if you prefer RSS


Feedback welcome :)

I note there is some overlap with the great summary prepared by Mike and 
Jay that now appears in the Openstack Community newsletter, my hope is 
that it will be possible to contribute to or combine efforts somehow in 
the future :)

I'll be adding it to planet.openstack.org in the next few days once I'm 
sure the RSS feed behaves as it should.


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