[openstack-dev] [Nova] Migration state machine proposal.

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 00:02:56 UTC 2015

On 10/22/2015 11:13 AM, Tang Chen wrote:
> On 10/22/2015 05:17 AM, Joshua Harlow wrote:
>> Overall I'm very much inclined to have three state machines (one
>> for each type), vs the mix-mash of all three into one state machine
>> (which causes the confusion around states in the first diagram in
>> that paste).
> That is an idea. But I would prefer to have one single state machine
> for migration, because resize and evacuate are reusing migration.
> They can be in one state machine.

Evacuate does *not* migrate/move anything. Evacuate *rebuilds* VMs from 
their original source image.

I support Nikola in that I believe the different migration types should 
have different state machines entirely (but be as consistent as possible 
in the naming of terminal states like "finished" vs "done" etc)

> It would be very helpful if the designer of the migration process
> could share his idea. But if it is just some code modified by many
> people many times, I think we should remove the confusing states and
> give a easier, better state machine.

There isn't a designer of the migration process :( The original (crap, 
IMHO) API from Rackspace Cloud Servers API was used for the resize 
functionality in the compute API and it's been a source of confusion and 
frustration ever since. Relying on a manual confirmation or revert input 
from the user was and continues to be a horrible idea.

I believe strongly that we should deprecate the existing migrate, 
resize, an live-migrate APIs in favor of a single consolidated, 
consistent "move" REST API that would have the following characteristics:

* No manual or wait-input states in any FSM graph
* Removal of the term "resize" from the API entirely (the target 
resource sizing is an attribute of the move operation, not a different 
type of API operation in and of itself)
* Transition to a task-based API for poll-state requests. This means 
that in order for a caller to determine the state of a VM the caller 
would call something like GET /servers/<UUID>/tasks/<UUID> in order to 
see the history of state changes or subtask operations for a particular 
request to move a VM

Timofei Durakov (cc'd) has a blueprint for splitting the live-migration 
types into separate task classes here:


I think there's a lot of good ideas in that proposal. Please do have a 
look at it.


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