[openstack-dev] Openstack disaster recover with CloudFerry, other tools?

Jonathan Brownell cadenzajon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 19:04:17 UTC 2015

Hello, I'm interested in using technology like CloudFerry
[https://github.com/MirantisWorkloadMobility/CloudFerry] to migrate
OpenStack resources from one cloud to another in the use case of
disaster recovery.

I can deal with the storage replication necessary to make sure that
the storage backend(s) are regularly freshened in the failover cloud,
and its files will just need to be reattached to Cinder volume and
Glance image objects during reconstruction (in preparation for
association with new, failed-over compute instances).

CloudFerry is designed to migrate resources from one cloud to another
while both environments are accessible and operable (i.e. its primary
"Openstack version upgrade" scenario). So, for my use case, I expect
to have to define metadata that would be regularly collected (via APIs
and DB), transmitted, and cached on the failover side in order to
perform a recovery if the primary cloud goes completely offline.

I can see a number of OpenStack Summit presentations over the years
that describe this kind of method for failing over resources from one
cloud to another to address disaster recovery, but have not found any
other projects or tools that help accomplish this. Is there work in
the community that targets this kind of functionality today that I
should familiarize myself with? Or any huge red flags I'm missing that
would prohibit this kind of solution from working?



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