[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Remove nova-network as a deployment option in Fuel?

Sheena Gregson sgregson at mirantis.com
Fri Oct 23 12:42:26 UTC 2015

As a reminder: there are no individual networking options that can be used
with both vCenter and KVM/QEMU hypervisors once we deprecate nova-network.

The code for vCenter as a stand-alone deployment may be there, but the code
for the component registry (
https://blueprints.launchpad.net/fuel/+spec/component-registry) is still
not complete.  The component registry is required for a multi-HV
environment, because it provides compatibility information for Networking
and HVs.  In theory, landing this feature will enable us to configure DVS +
vCenter and Neutron with GRE/VxLAN + KVM/QEMU in the same environment.

While Andriy Popyvich has made considerable progress on this story, I
personally feel very strongly against deprecating nova-network until we
have confirmed that we can support *all current use cases* with the
available code base.

Are we willing to lose the multi-HV functionality if something prevents the
component registry work from landing in its entirety before the next

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As far as I know neutron code for VCenter is ready. Guys are still testing
it. Keep patience... There will be announce soon.

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Sergii Golovatiuk,
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