[openstack-dev] [security] The first version of the Logo for Openstack Security Project

Michael Xin michael.xin at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Oct 21 21:11:22 UTC 2015

Rob and Michael:
Thanks for the update. We will probably not use any Openstack Logo. 

Here is the first draft of the flyer:


Please send us your feedback. 


On 10/21/15, 11:32 AM, "Clark, Robert Graham" <robert.clark at hpe.com> wrote:

>I had looped some people into a previous version of the thread but they've not replied yet.
>I think we ran into this problem before and got a firm "maybe, depending on what it is" from the powers-that-be.
>Perhaps we should look at a rough-draft alternative logo while we await a verdict?
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>> On 10/21/2015 03:54 AM, Michael Xin wrote:
>> > Hi, guys:
>> > Thanks for your help. We are designing a logo and a flyer for Openstack
>> > Security Project. Rachel helped us with the task. Attached is her first
>> > version of the logo. Please let us know your feedback.
>> >
>> > http://5d100f09242e1d85fe65-9262bad2bd2ce9d805c21cb30838f376.r18.cf1.rackcdn.com/os-security-project-logo.png
>> > Thanks and have a great day.
>> hi Michael, thanks to Rachel for putting this together. i like the
>> general concept of the openstack logo as a lock. i think the "lock
>> parts" could have a little more depth on them.
>> you had asked in irc about usage of the openstack logo, i'm not sure.
>> but this page, https://www.openstack.org/brand/openstack-logo/ , seems
>> to indicate that the usage is pretty limited. in specific, this section
>> "You agree that you will not (i) alter or modify the OpenStack Logo as
>> provided by the OpenStack Foundation; " seems to indicate that we may
>> not be able to use the logo like this. we should probably ask someone
>> from the foundation.
>> all in all though, a nice effort. many thanks =)
>> mike
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