[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Plugins][Ironic] Deploy Ironic with fuel ?

Pavlo Shchelokovskyy pshchelokovskyy at mirantis.com
Tue Oct 20 16:37:00 UTC 2015

Hi Loic,

the story of this plugin is a bit complicated. We've done it as PoC of
integrating Ironic into Mirantis OpenStack/Fuel during 7.0 release.
Currently we are working on integrating Ironic into core of Fuel targeting
its 8.0 release. Given that, the plugin is not official in any sense, is
not certified according to Fuel plugins guidelines, is not supported at all
and has had only limited testing on a small in-house lab.

To successfully deploy Ironic with this plugin "as-is" you'd most probably
need access to Mirantis package repositories as it relies on some patches
to fuel-agent that we use for bootstrapping, and some of those are not
merged yet, so we use repos created by our CI from Gerrit changes. Probably
though you can hack on the code and disable such dependencies/building and
uploading the custom bootstrap image, activate clear upstream Ironic
drivers and then use upstream images with e.g. ironic-python-agent for
bootstrapping baremetal nodes.

As to your network setup question - the baremetal network is somewhat
similar to the public network in Fuel, which needs two ip ranges defined,
one for service nodes, and the other for actual VMs to assign as floating
ips. Thus networking setup for the plugin should be done as follows (naming
it "baremetal" is mandatory):

fuel network-group --name baremetal --cidr -c --nodegroup 1
--meta='{ip_range: ["", ""], notation: "ip_ranges"}'

where the ip range (I've put some example values) is for those service
OpenStack nodes that host Ironic services and need to have access to this
provider network where BM nodes do live (this range is then auto-filled to
network.baremetal section of Networking settings tab in Fuel UI). The range
for the actual BM nodes is defined then on the "Settings->Ironic" tab in
Fuel UI once Ironic checkbox there is activated.

I admit we do need to make some effort and document the plugin a bit better
(actually at all :) ) to not confuse people wishing to try it out.

Best regards,

> On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 6:45 AM, <loic.nicolle at orange.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I’m currently searching for information about Ironic Fuel plugin :
>> https://github.com/openstack/fuel-plugin-ironic I don’t find any
>> documentation on it.
>> I’ve tried to install and deploy an Openstack environment with Fuel 7.0
>> and Ironic plugin but it failed. After adding ironic role to a node Fuel UI
>> crashed, due to a missing network “baremetal” . When creating a network
>> group
>> fuel network-group --create --node-group 1 --name \
>> "baremetal" --cidr
>> UI works again, but I got some errors in the deployment, during network
>> configuration. So I think I have to configure a network template, did
>> someone already do this for this plugin ?
>> Regards,
>> Loic
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