[openstack-dev] [neutron][calico] networking-calico 1.0.0

Neil Jerram Neil.Jerram at metaswitch.com
Fri Oct 16 12:19:47 UTC 2015

I'm happy to announce the first release of networking-calico.  As it
says at http://docs.openstack.org/developer/networking-calico/:

  networking-calico is the Neutron ‘stadium’ sub-project that provides
  ‘Calico’ connectivity and security in an OpenStack/Neutron cloud.

  Calico [1] uses IP routing to provide connectivity between the
  workloads in a data center that provide or use IP-based services -
  whether VMs, containers or bare metal appliances; and iptables, to
  impose any desired fine-grained security policy between those
  workloads. Calico thus differs from most other Neutron backends,
  which use bridging and tunneling to simulate L2-level connectivity
  between the VMs attached to a Neutron network.

  [1] http://www.projectcalico.org

Release notes, as at

  First release of networking-calico.

  - Calico integration with vanilla Liberty OpenStack (i.e. without
    requiring any Calico-specific patching).

  - DevStack plugin that makes it easy to set up and use a single or
    multi-node Calico/DevStack cluster.

  For documentation, please see:

  - http://docs.openstack.org/developer/networking-calico/, for
    networking-calico as a whole

  - http://docs.openstack.org/developer/networking-calico/devstack.html,
    for how to use the DevStack plugin.

Please do let me know of any feedback.  In the coming weeks I will aim
to establish a regular IRC meeting for this project, so as to widen
participation; so it would be good to know who would be interested in that.

Many thanks,

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