[openstack-dev] [magnum] Failed to create swarm bay with fedora-21-atomic-5-d181.qcow2

Mars Ma wenchma at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 06:36:33 UTC 2015


I used image fedora-21-atomic-5-d181.qcow2 to create swarm bay , but the
bay went to failed status with status reason: Resource CREATE failed:
swarm-agent service failed to start.
debug inside swarm node, found that docker failed to start, lead to
swarm-agent and swarm-manager services failed to start.
[fedora at sw-d7cum4a5z5a-0-dx4eksy72u4q-swarm-node-3d7bwzm7fso7 ~]$ docker -v
Docker version 1.8.1.fc21, build 32b8b25/1.8.1

detailed debug log, I pasted here :

Thanks & Best regards !
Mars Ma
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