[openstack-dev] [devstack] A few questions on configuring DevStack for Neutron

Mike Spreitzer mspreitz at us.ibm.com
Thu Oct 15 04:05:15 UTC 2015

Matt Riedemann <mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com> wrote on 10/08/2015 09:48:33 

> On 10/8/2015 11:38 AM, Sean M. Collins wrote:
> > Please see my response here:
> >
> > 

> >
> > In the future, do not create multiple threads since responses will get
> > lost
> >
> Maybe a dumb question, but couldn't people copy the localrc from the 
> gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full job, i.e.:
> http://logs.openstack.org/20/231720/1/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-
> neutron-full/f418dc8/logs/localrc.txt.gz

Matt, thanks for the reminder.  I was pointed at one of those once before, 
but do not remember how to find them in general.  To be useful in 
http://docs.openstack.org/developer/devstack/guides/neutron.html we need 
to identify which section they illuminate, or add another section with 
appropriate explanation.  Which would it be?

Sean, you said that those URLs are tribal knowledge.  Would you recommend 
documenting them and, if so, where?  I see that the one Matt cited is part 
of a comprehensive archive from a tempest run, and there is even some 
explanatory material included within that run's archive.  Would it be 
possible and appropriate for the DevStack Neutron guide to point to some 
documentation that describes these archives?


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