[openstack-dev] [infra] Upgrade to Gerrit 2.11

Dean Troyer dtroyer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 12:23:03 UTC 2015

On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 3:51 AM, Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org>

> My main issue with CS2 is how greedy it is in horizontal space, mostly
> due to the waste of space in the "Related changes" panel. If there are
> related changes, the owner/reviewer/voting panel is cramped in the
> middle, while "related changes" has a lot of empty space on the right.
> Is there a way to turn that panel off (move it to a dropdown like the
> patchsets view), or make it use half the width, or push it under
> ChangeID, or...

I'm going to concur with ttx here.  That 'Related changes' section can have
at least 4 horizontal sub-tabs (see
https://review-dev.openstack.org/#/c/5294/) and just really seems out of
place where it is. If it is possible to make it another component in the
vertical stack of sections I think it would look a lot better in
less-than-full-screen-width browsers.  In reviews where it is not displayed
the (formerly center) column actually looks a lot better.

Also, did I miss where it indicates order in a series of stacked reviews?
I didn't see one in the test set yet.

The rest of the changes fall into the 'change is hard' category for me and
I'll forget the current screen in a month and life will go on.

Thanks for keeping us up to date guys!



Dean Troyer
dtroyer at gmail.com
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