[openstack-dev] network interface order

Yaron Illouz yaroni at radcom.com
Mon Oct 12 10:22:49 UTC 2015



I have a vm with 3 network interfaces.

I create it through heat template.

I want the interfaces to be in a specific order in the vm (eth0 a_net,
eth1 b_net, eth2 c_net).

How can I do the following?

I am using juno version

With the following configuration I have : eth0 a_net, eth2 b_net, eth1




    type: OS::Nova::Server


      flavor: m1.flavor

      image: vMyNode

      key_name: HPG9KeyPair

      name: Appliance


        - port: {get_resource: a_net_port}

        - port: {get_resource: b_net_port} <http://www.radcom.com/> 

        - port: {get_resource: c_net_port} <http://www.radcom.com/> 




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