[openstack-dev] [fuel] fuel-python lead candidacy

Igor Kalnitsky ikalnitsky at mirantis.com
Mon Oct 12 09:22:10 UTC 2015

Hey everyone,

I'd like to announce my candidacy for fuel-python component lead position.

I've been working on the Nailgun project for year and half now, as one
of regular contributor. Last fall I became a core reviewer, and since
then I'm doing my best to help others to land their patches and to
keep high quality of our code base.

Last release cycle I worked mostly on fuel plugin framework, and with
my fellow companions we've managed to release a new version with a
bunch of new features [1]. I also have deep understanding about our
master node upgrade architecture, and fuel components interaction. I
believe that would help me to make right decisions, and improve our
project quality and flexibility.

Some of my goals for the following release cycle is to fix our old
tech-debts and improve performance on scale. That includes -

* Remove a non-caching query and use SQLAlchemy's default one.
* Reduce a number of SQL queries for the most common operations, such
as getting a list of nodes (it takes quite a time on scale) and
running deployment (serialization takes ~10 minutes for 200 nodes).

Also, it would be great to get rid of duplicated logic that was
introduced in Network Templates [2], since it's painful to support
both network branches.


[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fuel/Plugins#7.0_features
[2] http://specs.fuel-infra.org/fuel-specs-master/specs/7.0/networking-templates.html

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