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marios marios at redhat.com
Mon Oct 12 07:29:37 UTC 2015

On 10/10/15 01:10, Ben Nemec wrote:
> Hi OoOers,
> As discussed in the meeting a week or two ago, we would like to bring
> back the auto-abandon functionality for old, unloved gerrit reviews.
> I've got a first implementation of a tool to do that:
> https://github.com/cybertron/tripleo-auto-abandon
> It currently follows these rules for determining what would be abandoned:
> Never abandoned:
> -WIP patches are never abandoned
> -Approved patches are never abandoned
> -Patches with no feedback are never abandoned
> -Patches with negative feedback, followed by any sort of non-negative
> comment are never abandoned (this is to allow committers to respond to
> reviewer comments)
> -Patches that get restored after a first abandonment are not abandoned
> again, unless a new patch set is pushed and also receives negative feedback.
> Candidates for abandonment:
> -Patches with negative feedback that has not been responded to in over a
> month.
> -Patches that are failing CI for over a month on the same patch set
> (regardless of any followup comments - the intent is that patches
> expected to fail CI should be marked WIP).
> My intent with this can be summed up as "when in doubt, leave it open".
>  I'm open to discussion on any of the points above though.  I expect
> that at least the current message for abandonment needs tweaking before
> this gets run for real.
> I'm a little torn on whether this should be run under my account or a
> dedicated bot account.  On the one hand, I don't really want to end up
> subscribed to every dead change, but on the other this is only supposed
> to run on changes that are unlikely to be resurrected, so that should
> limit the review spam.
> Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think.  Thanks.

Hi Ben, had a quick poke at the repo (pull request #1 \o/) thanks very
much for getting this started - regardless of where/how this ends up
running, I'd say, we've spoken about it a couple times recently in
tripleo meetings without much pushback ( + let's see what reaction there
is to this thread) so I don't think we need/should start another
discussion on the criteria [1][2] <-- these are the ones I could quickly
find, probably there are more :) - imo/fwiw what you have above sounds
sane enough - and tbh in other projects this just gets done manually and
with a pretty wide net and ultimately not much drama,

thanks, marios


> -Ben
> For the curious, this is the list of patches that would currently be
> abandoned by the tool:
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/192521 - Add centos7 test
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/168002 - Allow dib to be lauched
> from venv
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/180807 - Warn when silently
> ignoring executable files
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/91376 - RabbitMQ: VHost support
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/112870 - Adding configuration
> options for stunnel.
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/217511 - Fix "pkg-map failed"
> issue building IPA ramdisk
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/176060 - Introduce Overcloud Log
> Aggregation
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/141380 - Add --force-yes option
> for install-packages
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/149433 - Double quote to prevent
> globbing and word splitting in os-db-create
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/204639 - Perform a booting test
> for our images
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/102304 - Configures keystone
> with apache
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/214771 - Ramdisk should consider
> the size unit when inspecting the amount of RAM
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/87223 - Install the "classic"
> icinga interface
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/89744 - configure keystone with
> apache
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/176057 - Introduce Elements for
> Log Aggregation
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/153747 - Fail job if SELinux
> denials are found
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/179229 - Document how to use
> network isolation/static IPs
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/109651 - Add explicit
> configuraton parameters for DB pool size
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/189026 - shorter sleeps if
> metadata changes are detected
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/139627 - Nothing to see here
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/117887 - Support Debian distro
> for haproxy iptables
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/113823 - Allow single node
> mariadb clusters to restart
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/110906 - Install pkg-config to
> use ceilometer-agent-compute
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/86580 - Add support for
> specifying swift ring directory range
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/142529 - Allow enabling debug
> logs at build time
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/89742 - configure keystone with
> apache
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/138007 - add elements Memory and
> Disk limit to rabbitmq
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/130826 - Nova rule needs to be
> added with add-rule for persistence
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/177043 - Make backwards
> compatible qcow2s by default
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/165118 - Make os_net_config
> package private
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/118220 - Added a MySQL logrotate
> configuration
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/94500 - Ceilometer Service
> Update/Upgrade in TripleO
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/177559 - Dont pass xattrs to tar
> if its unsupported
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/87226 - Install check_mk server
> Abandoning https://review.openstack.org/113827 - Configure haproxy logging
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